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Tue, 24 May 2016 12:07:34 +0000

While serving in Nam in 1965 I was wounded at Marble Mtn. on 9-25-65 by a 57 MM recoiless rifle.
I was driving the lead Tank (B-35)with then Lt. Mathews as TC . and eventually went back to Lejune to Alfa CO. Was wondering if any of my friends remember me . Got out in Aug. 1967. Sgt. E-5

(119) Jeffrey Griffith
Mon, 28 March 2016 03:33:41 +0000
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Looking for Bud Coyle. Served in 3rd tank 67-68. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(118) Doc Finch
Sat, 12 March 2016 16:28:02 +0000

Looking for Sgt. Leonard Long, B company, 3rd Tanks, 1968 off Hwy. 9, Vihn Dai near Cam Lo

(117) Forrest Spivey
Tue, 12 January 2016 14:42:01 +0000

My grandfather is a marine who fought in Vietnam his name is Ken Harper from Virginia Beach VA and I was looking for people that might know him or have some stories about him. Thank you

(116) John Wear
Tue, 24 November 2015 15:50:22 +0000

We just concluded a most outstanding reunion in Washington, DC this past October 28 - November 2, 2015. There were 140 VTA members who brought an additional 150 wives, sons & daughters and grandkids to enjoy each other's company. We plan to have a lot of recap photos from our gathering posted on line in the near future. From the many words of thanks, we can conclude that this past reunion was the best one so far. And we can tell you that the next one will be even better. We had 19 "first time" attendees and to the man, they all said, "I had such a great time! I will never miss another VTA reunion!"

At the 2015 DC reunion we announced that the 2017 VTA reunion will be held in St Louis, Missouri. The tentative dates are September 18 - 24.

(115) Ray Sefrhans
Tue, 27 October 2015 22:43:58 +0000
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In 1993, I happened upon a conversation between 4 maybe 5 Former Marines from H&SCo 1stTankBn. At the time I was on Camp Pendleton and paying for my lunch. While waiting for the bartender to accept my check, I couldn't help but to listen to these Gentlemen talk among themselves. Horse shoe type bar in the 24 area. I found out later, all former 1st Tanks folks. At this time in my life I'm 1 year away from retirement from the Marine Corps. I retired from the USMC in 1994. While listening to these former Marines, I couldn't help but hear my last name being spoken between them. Sergeant Jim Sefrhans was my brother KIA 6FEB68 during the TET. Can you believe this was 25 years after the fact? I interrupted their conversation and had to ask them how they knew Jim. All were from the Tankers Association. I think they about fell off their bar stools when they found out I was Jim's younger brother. WOW. 25 years later. If I played Lotto that night, I might have won. I was lost in words. I think we all were. I lost track of these Marines. One of the gentlemen mailed me a lighter with Sergeant Sefrhans name inscribed on it. My older sister Carol idolizes this lighter to this day. I hope to meet these Marines at the 1st Tank Battalion Reunion Oct 29th? I hope the Marines from this group allow me into the reunion and to just hang out. I'm not a member here, although I share the brotherhood. If you knew Sergeant James Sefrhans, I hope to meet you as well. I'll also be staying at the Hyatt in Crystal City through Nov 3rd. I currently reside in OC California. Semper Fidelis, Ray Sefrhans ray@usmilcom.com

(114) Joshua Santana
Sun, 13 September 2015 16:46:35 +0000

I am a returning USMCVTA member and I need to re-register and pay the annual membership fee. Also, interested in attending the Oct-Nov reunion, if only for a few days. Can you send me the necessary forms for the membership as well as info on the reunion dates, and planned activities for the reunion. Semper Fi. Thanks!

(113) Anderson
Mon, 24 August 2015 19:45:32 +0000

My father was Jack H Anderson Second Lieutenant with the 3rd tank B 3rd B KIA 12APR67 in Vietnam
I run across several photos many of recruits in San Dieago and maybe DI and OSC schools
I am willing to share these to anyone
Dan Anderson

(112) John Wear
Tue, 28 July 2015 15:46:02 +0000
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We want to apologize to anyone who made a Guestbook entry in the past that may have disappeared and never got posted here. We did not discover the problem with our Guestbook until recently. We are horrified that it has been a year between entries.

We also want to make sure that everyone knows that August 31, 2015, it the last day for the preregistration program for our 2015 reunion in Washington, DC. (Oct. 28 - Nov. 2, 2015). We are offering a half-priced reunion t-shirt if you send in your registration before that date.

Mon, 20 July 2015 18:03:37 +0000

Semper Fi, I was an AmTrac 2142 w/ 1st LVTs at 327, DaNang, before getting Transfered, w/ Phill Dodds, Tom Clements & others under the watchful eye of Big Bill Frailey, to FLSG-B in ChuLai in 66. I was assigned as 2151 Turret mech, OJT, under SSGT Bartley, SGT Robt. Doedynes, with D T Mickey & Rbt McNamarra. We were sent EVERYWHERE Tanks, Ontos & 155 & 8in. self-propelled guns were having turret problems. When they closed ChuLai, me Dodds, Clements and McNamarra went to DongHa. Provided service and support at Camp Carrol, CamLo, KheSan CauViet and other fun filled locations. May 66 to Dec 67
It was an Honor serving with you.
Jess, Corporal of Marines, 1965 - 1971

(110) Robert Saraceno
Thu, 19 June 2014 04:46:36 +0000

My uncles name is Robert M Dellliville, he was born in Watertown MA he served in Vietnam when I was born.. In honor of this, my mom and dad named me after my uncle Robert. I've always been proud of my name and of what my uncle sacrificed for our country. My uncle served in the Bravo, 5th Tanks and is a Purple Heart recipient. My uncle Robert is very sick at this time and stricken with bone cancer and the effect of agent orange. I just wonder if any of his fellow Marines that might have known him during his time in Vietnam can reach out to me. My uncle is just about to point where he will be with his Heavenly Father. Living in eternity and free from pain and sin. Thank you in advance for any information.

(109) Harold fournier
Sat, 3 May 2014 03:09:36 +0000

Looking for Henry rose served with him in tanks back in 68 in 3rd marine division alpha 11 conthien kheshan please contact me Harold Fournier email address we fought together please contact me hjfournier@att.net

(108) Vincent Bartashus
Tue, 22 April 2014 18:05:50 +0000

Looking for maps of the area North of HUE going to the DMZ. We were attacked on May 19, 1966 near an old French outpost located along a good sized stream approximately 25 ft. wide and running about 6 ft. deep. In Quang Tri Province somewhere. I have some military coordinates for the site but need a map and some help on how to interpret them

(107) Ira B. McQuade
Thu, 17 April 2014 16:28:44 +0000

I have been a member for several years and I am looking for Louie Criswell from Texas! Louie was a shitfister with 2nd platoon in AnHoa and served with me on what I believed to be Hill #10, but looking at recent maps posted, Hill #37. I was the shitfister for 3rd platoon Bravo Co. 68/69, Criswell was with me on H#10/#37, then sent to AnHoa! If anyone can tell me of him please let me know! Email is buc1tkbco@ yahoo.com, thanks!
Ira B. McQuade (smokey)!!!

(106) John Friel
Tue, 8 April 2014 13:51:20 +0000

I have worn a MIA bracelet with the Name Robert H Gage since 1971.. Would like to send it to a family member, but when I posted on the Wall site, I got a crazy number of people claiming to be family.. A total of 12 "brothers" and 13 "sisters" and approximately 35 different Aunts & Uncles... Then I discovered there a Black market for the bracelets and they resell on ebay.. That isn't where I want this end up.
He was one of yours, so if anyone knows of real family, I would appreciate it.. Contacted most recently yesterday by his "cousin" Vince Gage... need to verify..

(105) Steve Andre
Fri, 7 March 2014 13:26:15 +0000

I was in Tanks from 1962-1966. Served with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tanks in H&S Company Flame Platoon. Went to Viet Nam in 1965 with 3rd tanks and was on F-13. Just wondering if anyone was in tank and flame platoon around that time. 1st tanks 1963-1964, 3rd tanks 1964-1965, and 2nd tank 1965-1966. I do remember mixing napalm and gas by hand with wooden paddles and then loading the main tank with 5 gal, buckets. Anyone remember that? Marine Tankers are a great group and Flame Tankers are unique.

Steve Andre USMC Flame Tanks 1962-1966

(104) John Juarez
Fri, 10 January 2014 01:56:04 +0000

Can anyone guide me through how to obtain the after action, daily casual reports or also called the Command chronologies.Dick Carey told me how to do this but it's not working for me. Tried to go through Texas Tech University Vietnam archives. Guess I'm going to the wrong links. but have tried them all. Not looking for WIA numbers, buts names in hopes tp find mine for documentation. Thanks for any leads. You an e-mail me at jnljuarez48@comast.net. Oh and this is Mrs Juarez writing for John.
Great Organiztion . Semper Fi

(103) Doug Scrivner
Thu, 26 December 2013 16:56:58 +0000

For George Heard, I was on BLT 2/7 in ,68, then after leave home I went to C Co 1st Tanks was on F33. Your name sounds familiar but I can't place the face. Send me an email, I have pictures from ,68 & ,69. I'm a member USMCVTA, on the roster.

(102) kim I. Marvin
Wed, 13 November 2013 15:18:54 +0000

I served with 3rd tanks at Dong Ha in 68-69 as a mechanic. Sgt K. I. Marvin,2328039,USMC , from Tahoe City. CA. But I can't find myself listed on any roster for reference. Can anyone point me in a direction to correct this? I would apprecite it. I helped keep them rolling!

(101) Jan Turtle Wendling
Thu, 7 November 2013 15:13:21 +0000

I just got home from the San Antonio reunion. What a great time we had. It was, by far, the best reunion we have had. My hat is off to John Wear and the Association for the fine job they did putting it all together.

Turtle 2431841

(100) John HughieHUGHES
Tue, 8 October 2013 04:02:00 +0000

I'm posting a"looking for"request here as the other seems to be fouled up .1)steve murphy,salinas,ca.2)glen Hutchinson,ft Walton bch.,fl.3)Jan Holub,NYC,NY..Murphy & Hutchinson(head)were 1811s.Holub was truck driver xtraining as a tanker.all 3 served in 2nd plt.,Charlie, 3rd tks with me and John Rodriques.I'm hoping we can fine them.

(99) Richard Johnson
Fri, 4 October 2013 18:34:09 +0000

Looking for anybody who was with A co !st Tanks and left the states in Aug 65 arrived in Nam Jan 66.

(98) Robert Kernodle
Mon, 16 September 2013 20:09:48 +0000

I was with Bravo Co. 1st Tank Battalion (Da Nang) 1966 / 1967.
Namo Bridge. Looking for Anthony Wills (Willis) and Roger Kropke.
will submit bio to Vietnamtankers@gmail.com

(97) Dick Carey
Tue, 16 July 2013 11:36:19 +0000
url  email

If you are a former Marine Corps Vietnam Tanker or Ontos crewman and have not submitted your bio for the about to be published "The History of Tanks and Ontos in Vietnam" please be sure to drop me an email to learn how.

Semper Fidelis,

Dick Carey, V.P.
Founder & President Emeritus
USMC Vietnam Tankers Association

(96) John Wear
Sat, 13 July 2013 17:17:13 +0000
url  email

At long last!!! The Guestbook is back!!!

This vehicle has been a major contributor to new members finding us & joining the brotherhood.

It is also a place where the children of our Vietnam tankers compartiots can find men who served with their fathers. Many times it is only after their father check in for permenant guard duty in the Streets of Heaven. We welcome any and all interested parties to leave a note in passing.

Semper Fidelis,

John Wear
President USMC VTA

(95) Stephen C Arnone
Fri, 8 February 2013 03:46:02 +0000

I served w H&S Co 1st Tk Bn, hill 47 called OP Hawk from Aug 69 to Jan 70. Tank Commander Cpl MIKE BRANDI from Ann Arbor & Crew of "Sweet Cream Lady" was fresh from Hue when replaced by newer tank called "Eli" (the tread broke twice at high speed). Corpsman was called "Ski" & I don't know his name but he saved my badly infected leg when he doctored me all during a huge rainstorm that lasted for many days. I was delerious & wonder who Ski was, I would like to thank him. Guys knew me as WOP & callsigns Hawk & Asparigus. Sister OPs were "Three Fingers", "Thumb" w one more where the roads were often mined. I was reassigned to M 4/11 An Hoa in Jan 1970 but still saw Eli pretty often out there.
Sempre Fi, Steve from Rochester NY.

Fri, 1 February 2013 16:44:27 +0000

What's up??? It seems like" All the H&S company photos" on this website" are coming soon".There isn't even a H&S Company listing...

(93) Bruce Barber
Fri, 1 February 2013 16:32:41 +0000

I served with MAINT.PLT;H&S Co.3rd Tanks in 69&70,then again in 70&71.I knew SGT.Taber & sorry to hear of his passing.I'm sure he has a M51 out playing in the mud holes of Heaven this very minute. Gunny Gilleo was in the newspapers here recently. It would be nice to hear from a few people, Ricky Schutt,Doug Coats,"Cricket" Williams(an 1811 on the XO's tank from Chicago). We all rode the Outagamie county(LST) to Okie.In one 24 hour period we went 6 miles to the rear,that's our Navy.I found a lot of pics.that I thought was lost.I hope someone will send me info on the association benefits & dues.

(92) Wayne Imes
Thu, 31 January 2013 02:31:01 +0000
url  email

Greetings, I was with H&S Co. from 3/69 to 4/70. Then Charlie Co. from 4/70 to 10/70.
I was in motor-t and also operated the wrecker to pull tand engines. etc. I am very interested to heard from anyone that served along with me. I'd very much like to know the Village/hamlets names where our tank companies were assigned. I was on tower watch 7/69 when the asp 1 and 2 ammo dumps exploded raining down ordinance on the area. Semper Fi to one and all. Cpl Wayne Imes

(91) Stuart Berman
Mon, 21 January 2013 22:42:18 +0000

I am trying to locate Ontos crewmen from 1st plt., C Compny, 1st AT's who were at CAC India near Tam Ky on April 8th, 1967.

Wed, 16 January 2013 14:39:32 +0000



(89) Burke, Jeremy
Sun, 25 November 2012 16:16:10 +0000

I've never had The Talk with my father, but found myself here with the scraps of information I've gleaned from him:
Lawrence J. Burke - Corpsman
1st Marine Div.
1st Tank Battalion
A Company
Served until injured: 4/67 - 2/68

(88) Jim Renforth
Sat, 10 November 2012 21:51:28 +0000

Just checkin' post and looking for Gunny Ramos. Anybody know where he might be or how to find him?

(87) Robbie Robinson
Wed, 31 October 2012 22:47:36 +0000

Anyone know how Wear is doing???????????

(86) Rick Brown
Thu, 25 October 2012 08:01:32 +0000

Looking info on 2nd Lt Eudy of 3 abti tanks landed in July of 1965. Cant remember which company.

(85) Rick Brown
Thu, 25 October 2012 07:54:08 +0000

Served in Nam from 7/65 till sometime in 1966

(84) Joe Tyson
Tue, 23 October 2012 04:14:19 +0000

I was with B Co 3rd Tanks 65/66. Trying to locate B Co Commanding officer Capt/Major
Arthur Lee. Last seen at B Co CP at Marble Mountain. Anyone know whatever happened to him?

(83) Brian Berger
Fri, 19 October 2012 01:28:05 +0000

Additional information I recently found for my father, 1st Lt. Roger J. Berger.

His service number was 095430 and his MOS was 0302.

Information I from his Assignment/Orders paperwork:

October 28, 1966 he attended "Basic Course 3-67, Company F" at Quantico and completed his training around March 30, 1967. Current rank was 2nd Lt. and MOS was 9901.

March 30, 1967 he was assigned to FMFPac WestPac Ground Forces (MCC 159). His MOS was changed to 0301 at this time.

May 1967 he was assigned to the 3rd Marine Divison (MCC 159).

Oct 16, 1967 he was reassigned to Company "C" with orders to "Report to CO H&S Co for duty as S2/S5 vice 1st Lt ROBERTS det". His Rank was 1st Lt. and his MOS was changed to 0302.

Dec 5, 1967 he was reassigned to 3rd ATBn to report to CO HqBN with remarks as "For du w/ G-2".

May 22, 1968 he was ordered to report MCB Camp Lejeune.

Oct 18, 1968 he completed training for "Summary and Special Courts-Martial"

Aug 1, 1969 he was promoted to Capt and attended "Air Intelligence Officer Course" training. He continued to serve in various roles in the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Photo Interpretation) until 1971 at which point I believe he was honorably discharged. At some point he was stationed at a base on Okinawa, Japan.

From pictures he sent my Mom I found the following names mentioned.

Inspecting a solider's M-14 rifle while standing at attention:
S Sgt Jones
L/Cpl Rainford

Picture of two men boxing:
Bradley (no rank mentioned)
Watson (no rank mentioned)

Picture of 3 men fixing an Ontos track:
L/Cpl Bradley
PFC Browning
Sgt Stadyro or Stackyro (This was my Fathers Platoon Sgt)

Another picture of 3 men fixing an Ontos track:
L/Cpl Baily
L/Cpl Barry
Sgt Ratliff (spoke very highly of this Sgt)

I also found a book called "War Without Hereos" by David Douglas Duncan with handwritten notes from my Dad on the following pages:
Pg 60 - 'Good friend of mine, "Mike" - can't remember his last name - from GA' with an arrow pointing marine holding a shotgun
Pg 74 - 'This bunker was ~20' from mine!'
Pg 78 - 'Me' With an arrow pointing to Marine the right.
Pg 113 - 'Me' With an arrow point to lower middle picture of a Marine playing cards with a cigarette in his moutn.
Pg 195 - 'My "boss" later @ Dong Ha' (I believe this is Major Jerry Hudson)
Pg 216 - 'I was on this!' Arrow pointing to a burning C-130

Hope this additional information may help.

Brian Berger

(82) Jan Turtle Wendling
Wed, 3 October 2012 16:55:50 +0000

I finally got ahold of Dave ( Animal ) Turner. It was good to talk to him. His E-mail was listed wrong in the guestbook. His e-mail is : gaylet9870@gmail.com

(81) Jan Turtle Wendling
Sun, 30 September 2012 04:29:54 +0000

Hey David C. Turner, I think that I can help you out. Contact me on line or call me at (419) 566-0692.

(80) Brian Berger
Tue, 18 September 2012 04:06:29 +0000

I'm looking for anyone who knew or served with my Dad, 1st Lt. Roger J Berger, Platoon Commander, Company C, 3rd AntiTank Battalion from 67 to 68. He was involved in Operations Hickory and Kingfisher.

My Dad rarely spoke about his time in Vietnam and my Mom only shared a few stories with me from letters he had written to her while he was there. My Dad passed in 97 and my Mom passed in 00 so I'd like to connect with anyone who knew him and can tell me more.

I have a son who just turned 2 and another child due to arrive next month and I'd like to tell them about their Grandfather's service in the Marine Corps when they are old enough to ask questions about him or his sword that hangs over the fire place or the Eagle Globe and Anchor that hangs on the wall.

Brian Berger

(79) Justin Donnelly
Sat, 15 September 2012 23:25:38 +0000

Editor’s note: I got the following email from Justin about two weeks after receiving the above “Looking for”:

John: This came from Ed’s widow, Christine Melz Trussler:


Lieutenant, San Jose (CA) Police Department, 1961-1986

Edward Thomas Melz, Jr. was born June 16, 1940, in Torrance, California, the only child of Edward T. Melz, Sr, a California state correctional sergeant, and Myrtle Perkin Melz. Ed grew up in Chino, California and throughout elementary school and into high school was an enthusiastic member of the Boy Scouts of America, earning the rank of Eagle Scout in 1955. He graduated from Chino High School in 1958 with both academic and athletic honors. He played varsity football all four years of high school.

During his years at San Jose State University, Ed was known for his leadership in the Police Cadet program while earning a degree in administration of justice. On October 15, 1961, Ed joined the San Jose (CA) Police Department as a Patrol Officer. On August 18, 1962, he married Christine Erickson. During his college years, he participated in the United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Course, through which he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1963. He requested and was granted a 3-year Leave of Absence from the San Jose Police Department to serve his active duty as a Marine Officer beginning in June, 1963. He entered the Marine Officers Basic Course (The Basic School) at Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Virginia, on June 20, 1963, where he served as a member of Third Platoon, Company C, Basic Class 1-64. Upon graduation on December 19, 1963, Ed was assigned to the 3d Marine Division, based at Camp Hansen, Okinawa. In preparation for that assignment he was ordered to attend Marine Corps Tank Officer Training at Camp Pendleton, CA, where he earned the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of Tank Officer in March, 1964.

In March 1964, Ed was transferred to the island of Okinawa, where he assumed his first Marine Corps command as Tank Platoon Commander, Company A, 3d Tank Battalion, 3d Marine Division, and was promoted to First Lieutenant on August 28, 1964. Soon after his promotion, Ed moved up to assume command of a Tank Company, and in that capacity he commanded the first Marine tanks to land in Viet Nam, at Da Nang on March 18, 1965. When his 13-month overseas tour time expired in May 1965, Ed returned to Camp Pendleton where he spent the next year with the 2d Infantry Training Regiment. He was released from active duty in the Marine Corps Reserve on June 15, 1966. At that time he ended his Leave of Absence and returned to active service with the San Jose Police Department.

Ironically, Ed served as a uniformed member of the San Jose Police Department’s response team on the campuses of UC Berkeley, Stanford University, San Francisco State and San Jose State when the student anti-war movement dissolved into riots in 1967 and 1968. Ed and Christine’s son Stephen was born in 1967 and their daughter Catherine Ellen was born in 1972. With the San Jose Police Department, Ed rose through the ranks to become a Lieutenant in 1974. In his career as in his personal life, Ed was well known for his focus on precision and detail, as well as for his commitment to achieve the results that were needed. As some have said, “Ed was intense and took control to get the job done. For this some loved him and some did not.” Over time, Ed became more and more involved in his avocation of fishing and in 1978 as he began to prepare for his eventual retirement from the Police Department, he started a commercial fishing enterprise and in 1979 he designed and bought his own commercial fishing boat, the “Sunrise,” which he berthed in the Santa Cruz (CA) small craft and commercial fishing harbor. In order to carry out some required maintenance, Ed had the boat pulled out of the water in 1986, where it stood high above the ground. On March 22, 1986, when he was working on the outside of the boat from a ladder, Ed unfortunately fell backwards from high on the ladder and incurred a fatal and tragic head injury. After emergency surgery he was on life support for two days and was declared dead on March 24, 1986 at the age of 45.

At that time his son Stephen was 18 and had become quite familiar with the commercial fishing enterprise while working with his father. Soon after Ed’s sudden death, the young son took over the boat and made commercial fishing his own career. Over the years, Stephen married Jacqueline Austin and they have two sons, Jason Edward and Aaron Thomas. Ed’s daughter Catherine married Trever Roddick and they have a daughter, Rebecca Irene, born in 2009. Unfortunately, Ed never met his three grandchildren. Following Ed’s death, his wife of 26 years, Christine, eventually married John E. Trussler, who had been a good friend of Ed’s for many years before Ed’s death.

While on active duty in the Marine Corps, 1/LT Melz was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation, National Defense Service Medal, Viet Nam Campaign Medal, and the Republic of Viet Nam Service Medal with Device.

Semper Fidelis, from Larry’s fellow members of Third Platoon, C Company, The Basic School Class 1-64, September 27, 2010.

(78) Justin Donnelly
Sat, 15 September 2012 23:15:26 +0000


For years I have been trying to track down Ed Melz who was the Platoon Commander of the 3rd Platoon, Alfa Co, 3rd Tanks in Viet Nam in 1965. There is a picture of him on the bottom of Page 128 in O.E. Gilbert’s book on Marine tanks in Vietnam. Ed was already a sergeant on the San Jose California police force when he enlisted & reported to The Basic School in 1963. He went to 3rd Tanks in early 1964 and after his in-country time he returned to CONUS around the same time that I started my own journey with the USMC. In any event, now I know why he never joined the Vietnam Tankers Association, the sad result of my search is that I have learned that he lost his life in a tragic accident in 1986. He had returned to San Jose and became a Lt in the police again but have no idea if he was retired or still working when he left us. I just wanted to let you know about my research since Ed is a bit of our Viet Nam tanker history.

Justin Donnelly

Suffield, CT

Phone: (203) 574-6731

Email: jdonnelly@waterburyct.org

(77) David Edwards
Fri, 31 August 2012 16:08:53 +0000

C Co. 1st Tank Bn. 66-67 Da Nang
I wish there was a Blog. for the "Members Photos" It would be great to discuss and be informed about things in them with others that were there, I've only met about 6 men that I actually remember, and I think a Blog would increase that.

(76) johnny mckinzie
Tue, 28 August 2012 19:53:15 +0000

served in h&s co. mt and provisional rifle platoon

(75) John Wear
Sat, 25 August 2012 16:43:47 +0000

If you were a Marine tanker or if you served with a Marine tank batallion in Vietnam then we'd be honored if you would consider joining our brotherhood.

Our next biennial reunion will be Oct 31 - Nov 5, 2013 in San Antonio.

Please send me your mailing address and I will have a 48-page trimester news magazine mailed to you along with a membership application.

Semper Fidelis,

John Wear

(74) Patty Graham
Wed, 4 July 2012 23:42:16 +0000

I'm 28 years old, and never knew much about my dad's life in the military. But for some reason today of all days he started talking and I went from knowing that he was a Marine, to learning he was a Radio Operator, served with the 3rd Anti Tank Batt. Told me of a few rituals the guys he knew had to get through things, such a burying a candle for those they lost and it just got me wondering if there are any of his old buddies out there. Kermit "Kit" Graham. Skinny red headed guy with black thick glasses and a smart ass attitude. Thanks.

(73) Lee Kelley
Tue, 19 June 2012 19:34:20 +0000

would like to hear from marines in my outfit

(72) john a. laneJohn A. Lane
Tue, 19 June 2012 01:01:27 +0000
url  email

I was A radio repairman for C Company 1st tank bn from August 1966 to September 1967. jadrianlane@gmail.com

(71) Bob Williamson
Fri, 4 May 2012 02:10:44 +0000

I have always wondered what happened to my fellow Marines and friends 3rd Tanks, Bravo Company (Bravo 23). I was with this group of people in 1965 and 1966 outside Danang near Marble Mountain. SSgt. Baldwin was my tank commander and a good friend.

(70) Johnny Porier
Fri, 27 April 2012 06:24:51 +0000

I was with 3rd Tanks A Co and H&S Forward Oct 66 to Nov 67. Spent most my time at Camp Carrol and Dong Ha.

(69) David C. Turner
Mon, 16 April 2012 17:50:41 +0000

I started feeling guilty and ashamed of my involvement in Vietnam.But my wife and children told me to write back.

So here goes... I was sent to Nam in 1969 from Camp Pendleton. Arrived Da Nang and sent to 3rd. Tanks Alpha Co. Dong Ha, Quang Tri . After five months of missions, road patrols, con- voyes and so on.....We were ordered to join the rest of the company for a operation to leave Con Thien and head east Uncle Ho's trail to see if we could catch and report the NVA coming south for Tet. After three days and finally getting out of a mined area we set up for the night. At about 21:00 the -------- hit the fan. I was hit ,Sgt. (Tree) nickname,Grady, and Brown helped before our position was over run got me up the hill. At o4:30 or so I was medivaced to the hosp.ship Repose and then Da Nang, Guam, and then home. I asked about my crew and what happened to them I was told they were all Kia's after the battle. I have in some way felt that because of me they could have made it out to. So if any of the FMF Marines and 3rd. Division,Alpha Co. Tankers remember Alpha 23 can help me get information Please feel free to contact gayley9870@gmail.
Semper Fi from Pvt. David C. Turner
PS. Tattoo Wyoming on right Bucep

(68) Michael Womack
Sat, 14 April 2012 22:50:55 +0000

I served in the USMC from 1964 - 1967. Was in Vietnam from 1965-1966 C. Co 3rd tank bn. in Chu Lai. When I returned I was stationed in Camp Pendleton. I would love to get in touch with old friends.

(67) David C. Turner Lcpl.
Sat, 14 April 2012 07:14:14 +0000

I was a 3rd. Marine Division , Alpha Co. Tanker. Left Camp Pendelton for Vietnam 03-12-69. Arrived Danang and sent to Dong ha, Quang tri
province. For first five months of missions all was fine. We were then call up to Con Thien for a operation to search and report movement of a
reported NVA division coming down Uncle Ho's trail. After about three days out and getting out of a mined area, we set up perimeter for the
night. At about 23:30 hr.s the --------- hit the fan. I was hit, Sgt. (Tree) nickname, Grady, and Brown expended all our rounds on the enemy's
positions. They then helped me up the hill to be medicated . At 04:30 I was then air lifted to the USS Repose, and then to Danang hospital . I
then asked about the rest of our crew and at this time was told they were all Kia's. For the last 40 yr.s I have been feeling guilty that if they would have let the medic find me they would have made out to. So if any of you fellow Tankers remember Alpha 24 or a Sgt. Tree , Grady or
Brown please Contact Lcpl. David C. Turner at gaylet9870@gmail.com Semper Fi

(66) Robert W Anderson
Sat, 24 March 2012 15:00:19 +0000

Just passed through to leave a comment about my friend Lance Corporal Donald Lewis Winckler. He was a marine tanker who was killed by friendly fire in July of 67.
I've missed him a great deal over the years. I was in the same time as he was, in the army. I was looking forward to seeing him again when I got out.
RIP Skip! Thanks for being good to a kid younger then you. I won't forget saturday matinees, fishing, and swimming in Marine City.

(65) George Heard
Sun, 26 February 2012 23:01:57 +0000

I served in Vietnam from April 1968 thru November 1969. From April 1968 thru June 1968, I served with "B" Company, 1st Tank Battalion. From June 1968 thru January 1969 I was with BLT 2/7, 9th MAB. From January 1969 thru November 1969 I served with "C" Company, 1st Tank Battalion.

(64) walker,dale
Sun, 18 December 2011 18:12:51 +0000

Tanker, 1974-78....there for the fall...3th tank bat. 1st pla. first marines to go to fort knoxs army base for tank training Jan.1975 Gunner in a M48 over seas

(63) Doc Bob Patton
Mon, 24 October 2011 18:29:20 +0000

I was with A Co, B Co, and H&S 3rd ATs from Apr 65 (Landed @ Danang) until Nov 65 Transferred to C Co., 1st AT's at Chu Lai.

(62) Erle Butch Plunkett
Mon, 24 October 2011 17:58:23 +0000

Excellent website
Splendid memorial to the Marines that served .. heroes all!

I am looking for C.A. Johnson or V.C. Davis, both officers in "A" Co, 1st AT Bn, Feb 1968
Several of us would like to nominate two of your 0353s Ontos Crewmen for an award. These Marines exhibited great courage and valor in the face of a numerically superior enemy while in support of a convoy on 02-07-1968.
Statute requirements specify that an officer in the chain of command make the official recommendation.

Please contact me at the below e-mail

Thanks and Semper Fi
Erle "Butch" Plunkett

(61) Fulks, Dave
Sun, 25 September 2011 08:18:48 +0000

I served with 2nd Plt,B Co, 5th Tanks from 66-68. Would like to hear from any one out there who was in 2nd Plt.

(60) doc Finch
Sun, 25 September 2011 00:03:27 +0000

Thank you for your service..B co. 3rd tanks..68-69...Vihn Dia and all points north, south, east and west...you are my family..then..now..and always...doc

(59) doc Finch
Sat, 24 September 2011 23:23:47 +0000

Thank all of you for your service, I was 3rd Tanks, B co., 3rd MarDiv, 68-69...Vihn Dai, Hwy 9 and all points east, west, north and south...Semper Fi...Doc Finch

(58) Skip Moore
Sat, 10 September 2011 03:06:20 +0000

Anyone out there from Bravo 3rd or Bravo 1rst Nam 65/66 ?

(57) Rich Bucci - 5AT Bn
Wed, 7 September 2011 15:01:08 +0000

From Okinowa, 5AT Bn, Camp Hansen by C130 to DongHa 2/68 end of tet. The pigs lasted til around April when Lt Busney had me drive mine into the quaviet river off an LS-t?d.
It ws ground mounted 106RRs as light support at varrious perimiters in GD nowhere up and down the QuaViet river. Bloemfelt and Lewis, lost in a day partol outside QuangTri 5/5. RIP, I still miss them.

(56) Mike Patrick
Wed, 24 August 2011 01:21:40 +0000

Marine Peavey and compatriots, Thanks to you and all tankers in the Marines whom have served and are still serving. I very much enjoyed getting to know what's at th heart of a distinct group of men serving in "The Nam" by reading the fine story of your tour..."Pray for Slack". Highly recommended reading for all whom want to know about the unknowns, the pressures, and the commeraderie that is service in "The Corps". Having never served and was just 6 month's old at the time of your deployment, It was a fine read that I could not put down, I say Thanks again!!
Christiana, Tennessee

(55) Dennis Williams
Tue, 9 August 2011 04:59:59 +0000


(54) Robert W. Zanger, Jr.
Sun, 17 July 2011 23:40:00 +0000

Looking for Major Bruce MacLaren (ret. as Colonel) former C.O. Cubi Point Subic Bay Philipine Islands. I was a Sgt. Administration Chief under his command. I would be interested in talking with him. If you know of his whereabouts, please contact me at 217.222.1510 or robert.wzan@comcast.net

Thank you.

(53) Douglas Barney
Thu, 14 July 2011 19:11:34 +0000

I commanded a platoon in both Bravo Company 3rd AT's and Alpha Company 3rd Tanks in the 1967 timeframe. Would like to contribute some pictures, but can't find any to save my soul. Great site; I'll visit again.

(52) Michael Lambert
Sun, 19 June 2011 13:21:07 +0000

Great Site.
My Dad, P.W. Lambert served with the 1st Anti-Tank Battalion, Camp Pendelton and 3rd Anti-Tank Battalion, Okinawa before the war. I still have his "Tank Killers" uniform patch. I remember him taking me to Pendelton(In between one of 3 tours in Vietnam) and getting to ride in a tank a fire(sort of) a 50. caliber machine gun. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.

God Bless all Veterans, and Thank You for your Service.

Marine Brat of a "Lifer"

(51) Troy Gold
Tue, 14 June 2011 15:57:48 +0000

Semper Fi, I was in tanks from late 66 to late 67. Was stationed at Camp Lejeune until I was shipped out to Vietnam, while my company was sent on a Caribbean cruse. When I got in country I was assigned to Force Logistics Command which didn’t have any tanks. So guest what? Typical military, I was assigned to the 3MP Bn D CO in DaNang, Armed Forces Police. I tried to get transferred for 3 months to a Tank outfit but they would not do it. I was finely taken aside by the Sgt and told to quit trying to get transferred because there were no replacements for me. I really missed the old M48A3s and still do!! I remember one night we spotted some guys on the roof of a skivey house trying to get away, they were pretty tosted. I remember just being able to jump and get on the roof from the ground as one of the guys just started to jump off the other side. I was just able to get to him and reach out and catch him as he jumped. What he didn’t know and I did that there was a cement wall just below that had pieces of glass embed in the cement on the top of the wall. I was sure glad I was in good shape at the time. It would not have been pretty if I had missed the catch. Well it turned out that the guys were Tankers. Well there was no way I was going to take them into the PMO and lock them u,p so I took them back to their compound and let them go. Like a Marine always a Marine, once a Tanker always a Tanker. Just glad I was there!!

Troy Gold