Editor’s Note: The folks at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund are making a valiant attempt to gather photographs of all 58,200+ men (and women) whose names appear on The Wall. They are digitizing them and are planning to have the photo images available when a visitor makes an inquiry when the VVMF Education Center is built. The below names are KIAs from the US Marine tank and AT battalions that we need to have photos found and submitted. Please look in your USMC photo albums and maybe in your USMC Recruit Platoon Books. If you want to contact John Wear when you find a photo so we can get the photos to the right folks.

Robert C Reynolds Sandusky, OH May 6 1967
Stanley S. Klecz Wildwood Crest, NJ 18 May 1967
Thomas E McKee Palm Springs, CA 15 June 1967
James H Bush Jr. Guyton, GA 18 Dec 1967hoenix
Clarence W Obie III Staunton, VA 22 Dec 1967
James L Fuchs Vermillion SD 6 Feb 1968
Jimmie M Couto North Reading, MA 13 Feb 1968
Anthony Montano Los Angeles CA 16 February 1968
Samuel J Frieson Chicago IL 6 March 1968
Charles F Rubado Brasher Fall NY 19 July 1968
Charles F Wright Vallejo, CA 23 August 1969
Frederic L Schrecongost East Grand Rapids MI 26 April l969
David N Harrow Columbus, OH July 10 1969
David C Schoenewald Phoenix, AZ 4 Dec 1969
Everett C Pugh Washington, DC 1 March 1970

Henry L Whaley New Haven, CT 30 March 1966
Lee G Johnson Tulsan, OK 30 July 1966
Walter J Decota Pascoag, RI 17 Aug 1966
Earl Matthews Jr Florence, SC 9 Sept 1966
Roger L Parker Bellefontaine, OH 13 Jan 1967
George A Jones Jr Houston, TX 17 January 1967
Walter V Hulings Baltimore, MD 4 March 1967
Michael L Scisney Indianapolis, IN 13 April 1997
Robert A Taylor Atlanta, GA 13 April 1967
Bruce W Knosky Linden NJ, 14 May 1967
Donald F Schafer Allen Park, MI 19 May 1967
Coleridge William Jr Washington DC 24 May 1967
Raymond J Ludwig Wilmington, DE 27 July 1067
Anthony H Bennett Tulsa, OK 16 Aug 1967
Joseph M Hallas Youngstown, OH 16 August 1967
Harold D Tatum Sandy Springs, GA 10 Sept 1967
James R McClelland Irwin, PA 11 April 1968
Glenn E Davis Cahokia, IL 5 May 1968
Joseph P Noel Portage, PA June 1 1968
Clifford M Evans Shelton, WA 9 June 1968
David A Gauch Euclid, OH, 14 Jan 1969

John F Sewell Jr Severn MD, 21 September 1966
Estill L Childers Slater, MO 24 Sept 1966
John H Cash Jr Sanford, ME 12 May 1968
Joe R Boswell Steele, MO 25 Jan 1969

Wayne Hyde Sikeston, MO 4 June 1966
Victor Tarasuk Rachel, WV 22 Dec 1966
Joseph M Donovan Auburn NY 15 March 1967
Edward E Davies Lovington, NM 22 Aug 1967
James A Wall Columbia SC 6 Jan 1968
Larry K Powell Forth Worth TX 7 Feb 1968
William C Marsh Amarillo TX 25 Feb 1968

Carlos Figueredo New York, NY 28 Jan 1966
Juan Torres El Paso, TX 12 Nov 1966
Jay Paul Philadelphia, PA, 20 Dec 1966
Raul Orta Parlin, NJ, 1 Feb 1967
Bernardino Santiago-Vazquez New York, NY 12 Feb 1967
Reynaldo S Fernandez Odessa TX 19 May 1967
Alan C Lynch Cheltenham, PA 29 July 1967
Leroy Davis Jr Detroit, MI 10 Sept 1967
Alton J Fennell Warner Robins, GA 8 Jan 1968
Charles L Suthard Jr Alexandria, VA 6 Feb 1968

Paul Thorik Jr New Britain, CT, 29 April 1968
Faces Never Forgotten – A follow up story:
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund works to preserve the legacy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, to promote healing and to educate about the impact of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was initially conceived with one overriding purpose – to bring long overdue honor and recognition to the men and women who served and sacrificed their lives in Vietnam. Today, the Memorial has transcended its role as a national symbol of reconciliation and stands as a living history lesson. To better honor those who sacrificed their lives in Vietnam, an Education Center at the Wall will be built in 2016. The purpose of the Education Center is to inform future generations of the honor and sacrifices made by those who served their country.

It is a collaborative effort between the National Park Service and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. The Center has been approved by Congress, and construction is planned for the National Mall site adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial and on the corner of Constitution Avenue and 23rd Street. The two-story underground learning facility will be built in keeping with the design, tone, and mood of The Wall and so as not to detract from the historic vistas of the National Mall. The core of the center will revolve around seven traits that embody the American service member throughout the generations: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Courage. A prominent feature of the Education Center will be the larger-than-life pictures of service members whose names adorn the polished black panels of The Wall. The pictures will be displayed on the service members birthdays and will add faces to the more than 58,000 names on The Wall and tell the stories of those who served. The Education Center will also feature displays of the more than 400,000 personal articles, letters, and gifts that have been left at the foot of the memorial since its dedication in 1982.

Like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Education Center at The Wall will be completely funded through private donations. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has embarked on a multi-year campaign to secure the nearly $115 million needed. The campaign leadership includes Gen. Colin Powell USA (Ret.) and Gen. Barry A. McCaffrey USA (Ret.). Actor Tom Selleck serves as the National Spokesman. Groundbreaking on the Education Center at The Wall is expected in 2016.

A three-minute online video with more information on the Education Center at the Wall and its importance to American history about the Vietnam War can be found at:
Donations to building and maintain the Education Center at the Wall may be made at:

Perhaps one of the most poignant, heart felt online video about the Wall features UPI reporter Joe Galloway. Beginning in early 1965, he covered many stories during the Vietnam War beginning in early 1965 that placed him in squarely in the cross hairs of VC and NVA. Thirty-three years later, he was decorated with the Bronze Star for helping to rescue wounded American soldiers under fire during the battle at Landing Zone X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley – one of the most savage and significant battles of the Vietnam War. He is the only civilian to receive a combat medal from the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

Along with Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, Galloway co-authored a detailed account of those experiences in the best-selling 1992 book, “We Were Soldiers Once – And Young.” A sequel was released in 2008: “We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam.”

In 2002, Hollywood released “We Were Soldiers” based on the book by Moore and Galloway. It starred Mel Gibson in the leading role as Col. Moore. Like the book, the movie is a tribute to the nobility of those men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another.

For Vietnam veterans and others, please take the time to view this highly emotional nearly 8-minute video.
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