3rd Tank Bn.

3rd Tank Battalion Unit Awards
3rd Tank Battalion PUC 12Jul65 – 15Sep67 SU 3rd Mar Div
  MUC 28Jan68 – 31May68 SU Task Force Robbie
H&SC, 3rd Tank Bn      
Detachment, H&SC MUC 15Aug68 (10 Tanks, 1 Tank Retriever on Op ALam Son 250″)
Detachment, H&SC NUC 29Apr75 – 13May75 SU Phib Evac Security Force
Anti-Tank Co, 3rd Tank Bn      
4th Platoon, Anti-Tank Co MUC 28Aug68 – 07Nov68 SU 1st AmTrac Bn (See End for Op=s)
Co A, 3rd Tank Bn      
Detachment, Co A MUC 19Sep67 – 28Sep67 SU 2nd Bn, 9th Mar
Section, Co A MUC 17Dec67 – 27Jan68 SU, 1st AmTrac Bn
1st Platoon, Co A PUC 18May67 – 15Sep67 SU 3rd Mar Div
2nd Platoon, Co A MUC 01Jun68 – 30Jun68 SU 3rd Bn, 3rd Mar
3rd Platoon, Co A NUC 18Aug65 – 23Aug65 SU 7th RLT
  MUC 01May68 – 25May68 SU 3rd Bn, 3rd Mar
(Philippine) PUC 21Oct70 – 26Oct70  
5th Platoon, Co A MUC 07Jul68 – 12Jul68 SU 3rd Bn, 9th Mar
Co B, 3rd Tank Bn PUC 20Jan68 – 31Mar68 SU 26th Mar
1st Platoon, Co B MUC 19May68 SU Co F, 2nd Bn, 1st Mar
Co C, 3rd Tank Bn MUC 26Aug68 – 04Nov68 SU 1st AmTrac Bn (Less 1st & 2nd Plt)
1st Platoon, Co C MUC 01Jun68 – 30Jun68 SU 3rd Bn, 3rd Mar
  MUC 04Jul68 – 08Jul68 SU 1st Bn, 3rd Mar
  MUC 26Aug68 – 09Dec68 SU 1st AmTrac Bn
2nd Platoon, Co C NUC 18Aug65 – 23Aug65 SU 7th RLT
  MUC 01Dec68 – 09Dec68 SU 1st AmTrac Bn
3rd Platoon, Co C PUC 18May67 -15Sep67 SU 3rd Mar Div 
NOTE: Many unit awards are specific down to individual tanks and platoons. Only those crews specified below are eligible for the unit awards shown in the battalion awards list above. Check the below list for eligible recipients. Check the dates shown below against the date of the unit award under each battalion.
Operation Task Force Robbie:
3rd Tank Battalion, to include all companies and supporting elements:(No Certificate Available) 28Jan68 to 31May68
Operation Lam Son 250:
1st Platoon, Co. A (tanks only)   15Aug68 (Only 1-day)
3rd Platoon, Co. B (tanks only)             15Aug68 (Only 1-day)
Retriever C43 (crew only) 4-65 15Aug68 (Only 1-day)