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This video takes place at a place called Camp Evans, it was north of Hue  and south of Dong Ha, in the Quang tri area. The reason it was called Camp Evans is that he was reported to be the first Marine to be killed in that conflict. After the area got secured it was made into a base camp where get your three s’s. Shit, shave and shower.

We got to clean our weapons, fixed track and of course a beer or two.

The local people would come and sell us tiger beer and ice.

You can see leaflets being dropped to let everyone know that the B-52’s were coming to drop there load on the Ho Chi Min trail. After that the jets came in to drop there napalm on the survivors.

Next you can see tanks trying to make the road passable so we could get to the combat outpost over looking the valley and the Ho Chi Min trail.

On that out post on top of the hill name and number ????

WE had Army twin 40’s, ontos  and us tankers.

You see a lot of tankers in this movie. Please pardon all the miss spelled names, after all I was a ninth grade drop out to join the Corps.

You will see Madings cleaning the coaxial machine-gun, Verissi, Sgt Johnson, Marshall,  who by the way was a Canadian who came to America to join the USMC in stead of some Americans who fled to Canada.

You will see us back at the cp having some fun. Also you can remember the Corpsman,s tasked with burning the shitters every morning when the fuel truck came by. Well wouldn’t you know that the corpsman just happen to put to much fuel in the pots.

Well the rest is self explanatory you can fill in the blanks as well as any one.

Semper fidelis to all you great tankers

David Zaslow


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