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My name is John Lange. I was in Vietnam in the Marine Corps in 1966-67. I served in the 1st Tank Battalion with a wonderful young man that we affectionately nicknamed “Robbie”. He was from Verona. His full name on DOD death records is Martin Robert Robinson. I am just curious as to whether or not there are any of his relatives still living in Verona? I got your name from the bio in the TribLive Verona branch of the website. It doesn’t list your name so I don’t really know who I am writing to but I hope you don’t mind reading something from an old Marine Corps Vietnam veteran that has remembered “Robbie” all these years. Thank you for your time,

#1 REPLY: I posted parts of your email on yourtwinboros.com. I hope that you will receive some responses. That was so many years ago but folks in this area tend to stay put and someone may just remember him and know if his parents are still in the area or alive. Let me know (by email or on our website http://www.yourtwinbros.com if you receive any news or responses. My best regards, -Kathi

#2 REPLY: I just came across your article looking for “Robbie.” He was a neighbor of mine and was known to everyone as “Marty.” He has two sisters who I believe still live in the area. If they have not seen your article please let me know and I will try to find them for you. My husband was in the Marines in the mid-late sixties so I know how important those service relationships were. Good Luck. Kathy Kraf

FROM JOHN LANG: You are more than kind. It’s taken me this long to want to do this look-up. I couldn’t stand the thought (of doing this) before now. It’s still not the easiest thing (for me to do). “Robbie” was special to me as I know he was to all his loved ones. Now that I have grandchildren I constantly think of how “Robbie” would have enjoyed his (own) grandchildren. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I hope you don’t mind my copying this to some of my Marine Corps / Vietnam buddies that also knew “Robbie.” (I know that) they will be interested in knowing about his kinfolks.


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