How To Join & Membership Form

To become a member, simply print out the Membership Application Form below.Fill it out completely and enclose a check for $30 made out to the “USMC VTA”.

You must also enclose a copy of your DD-214 (it is an IRS requirement that we have these on hand in our office if ever audited by the IRS; it is required of all nonprofit military veteran’s organizations).

Send all three items to:USMC VTA

c/o John Wear

16605 Forest Green Terrace

Elbert, Colorado 80106

To download a membership application form CLICK HERE

(Don’t have Adobe Reader? Download the free program here to be able to view)

If you are still having trouble obtaining a copy of the form, please contact our National Recruiter, Greg Martin: and ask for an application to be mailed out to you.

You can also call him at 360-480-1206 Pacific Time